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Leon Hirszman - Eles Não Usam Black-Tie (1981)

Description: "In São Paulo, the worker Tião (Carlos Alberto Riccelli) is the son of the idealistic Otávio (Gianfrancesco Guarnieri), who tries to organize the workers with his friend Bráulio (Milton Gonçalves) against the exploitation of the employers. Tião's girlfriend, the also worker Maria (Bete Mendes), got pregnant and he decides to get married with her in a hurry. Tião was raised in the repressive period of the Brazilian dictatorship and is very afraid of losing his job, while his father has a totally different political position. Tião believes that the struggle between classes never changes, while his father has an opposite opinion, having confidence in better days. His mother Romana (Fernanda Montenegro) is the balance of their family. The dramatic story is not conclusive, portraying a period in Brazilian history when the workers were trying to organize the strikes and other movements against the employer, after a long period of dictatorship. Having a magnificent interpretation of an outstanding cast, this movie was awarded with the Golden Lion – Special Jury Prize - in Cannes Festival (1981), and also awarded in minor international festivals in Cuba (1981), France (1981) and Colombia (1983), besides winning four prizes in a national festival (Air France)." - Claudio Carvalho at IMDB

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Language: Portuguese (with English softsubs)
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Krzysztof Kieslowski - Dworzec aka Railway Station (1980)

Description: Kieslowski's later film Dworzec (Station, 1980) portrays the atmosphere at Central Station in Warsaw after the rush hour. It opens with the main television news at 7:30PM, providing information about the communist party leader, Edward Gierek. The recurrent image, Orwellian in spirit, of security cameras watching people, organises the film. In the last scene the camera moves inside the surveillance room and presents various images of the station on multiple screens. Its political, Orwellian touches aside, Station is chiefly admired for its attention to detail, its portrayal of tired, almost inanimate faces, "people looking for something", the reality that has nothing to do with the optimism of the television news.
Language: Polish (PT-Br subtitles included)
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yen magazine

what did you dress up as?! i dressed up as annie hall this year ♥

Tatsumi Kumashiro - A! Onnatachi: waika aka Oh! Women: A Dirty Song (1981)

Description: Yuya Uchida stars in this pseudo-documentary about George, a washed-up middle-aged rocker, divorcing his wife and living with his girlfriend, a soap massage parlor worker. Another great roman porno from Kumashiro.

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Lucio Fulci - Demonia (1990)

Description: In southeast Sicily, a team of archaeologists investigate the ruins of a crypt where heretic nuns had been stoned and crucified by the village people in the 16th century. Soon strange things begin to happen, and Liza, one of the team members, starts to have surreal dreams about the nuns. Then the graphic violence begins, starting with a decapitation! The answers lie in the ancient crypt of the nun

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Monte Hellman - Iguana (1988)

Description: Everett McGill stars as a 19th Century sailor whose bizarre facial deformity earns him the name "Iguana." Beaten and tortured by his shipmates, he escapes to a deserted island where he declares war on all of mankind. Soon, a group of shipwrecked sailors and one kidnapped young maiden are made prisoners of Iguana's brutal slave empire. In a kingdom ruled by savagery and lust, can these survivors face the greatest evil of all?

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Witch by ZingEfruke

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween!
Artist: ZingEfruke

Lucio Fulci - Beatrice Cenci (1969)

Description: A young Italian noblewoman plots with her lover and her family to murder her abusive father leading to an uproar in the community and the Roman Catholic church set in 16th Century Italy.

(Double Audio : Italian & Russian)
English & German subs:

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Bill Zebub - Forgive Me for Raping You ( 2010)

About a depraved priest who lures innocent suburban girls into sexual slavery.
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Ewald André Dupont - Variete (1925) US 72 min Cut

Description: There are many versions of this film. This one strated without prison prologue. Boss Huller, circus artist, one day meets the young, beatiful orphan Berta-Marie, and falls under her spell. He leaves his wife and young son behind, and makes Berta-Marie his partner in a new trapeze number. Another famous trapeze artist Artinelli takes note of them and engages them for his trapeze show in Berlin, where their salto mortale becomes an immediate sensation. But Artinelli seduces Berta-Marie, and after that trapeze number becames mortally dangerous for all three participants. Full of tension and suspense classic melodrama with extraordinary cinematography by Karl Freund and great (as usually) performance by Jannings.

Language: Silent with italian intertitles.
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Mervyn LeRoy - Five Star Final (1931)

Description: Editor Hinchecliffe wants to boost circulation for his "New York Gazette" and city editor Randall puts his top reporter on a 20-year-old murder case in which Nancy Vorhees shot her lover. As she is now a happy wife and mother, she pleads with Randall to drop it. When he won't, she poisons herself. More trouble ensues. Written by Ed Stephan {} (IMDB).

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Robert Drew - Primary (1960)

Description: Primary follows the campaigns of Minnesota senator Hubert Humphrey and upstart Massachusetts senator John Kennedy as they vie for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1960. The contrasts between the two are stark: Humphrey is an old-school politician attempting to appeal to Wisconsin voters’ agricultural roots at the expense of the “eastern elite”, portraying himself as a champion of the common man. Kennedy, on the other hand, can be perceived as a celebrity adored by urban voters and youth, a rock star before that term was used in politics. The real stars of the film, though, are the voters of Wisconsin, whose views are surprisingly diverse. And even though we know how it ends, Drew’s filmmaking prowess makes it a nail-biting finish.

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George Miller - Mad Max 2 (1981)

Description: In the annals of action movies few can compare with Mad Max 2, a full-throttle epic of speed and carnage that rockets you into a dreamlike landscape where the post-nuclear future meets the mythological past. More simply, it's also one of the most mind-blowing stunt movies ever made.

Before he took aim in four Lethal Weapons and starred in Maverick, Mel Gibson had already made his mark on movie history as Max, the heroic loner who drives the roads of outback Australia in an unending search for gasoline. Arrayed against him and the other scraggly defenders of a fuel-depot encampment are the bizarre warriors commanded by The Humungus, notorious for never taking prisoners when they can pulverize them instead.

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Hans-Jürgen Syberberg - Hitler - ein Film aus Deutschland AKA Hitler: A Film from Germany (1978)

The third and longest part of Syberberg's extraordinary trilogy on German culture, history and nationalism (the two earlier films were Ludwig - Requiem for a Virgin King and Karl May), best described as a high camp, heavy-duty analysis of both history and historical analysis itself. The chosen method is to single out, act out, alter, and finally comment on the lives of a handful of 'awkward' German historical figures, from Ludwig of Bavaria through fantasy author Karl May to Hitler, the 'madman'. Behind aesthetic complexity lies a simple purpose: to show up the sort of historical contradictions solved by Marxists with bare economic models, and by others with suspect reference to the 'greatness' or 'madness' of the figures involved. Visually lyrical, the style is eclectic to the point of hysteria; and the tone oscillates between the operatic (Wagner figures large) and the colloquial (Hitler in conversation with his projectionist) without ever quite coming unstuck. Humour mixes with mythology and analysis in the attempt to reunite art, history and ideology. It's a quite remarkable film, with a sense of metaphor equal to its intellectual courage.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

English Subs:

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