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Apichatpong Weerasethakul - Sang sattawat aka Syndromes And A Century (2006)

An impressionistic diary of his doctor parents' courtship, director Apichatpong Weerasethakul's picture evolves in two parts (feminine/masculine?), with events repeated in each against opposing backdrops: natural/rural vs. industrial/urban. Its suggestion of autobiography (the parents' memories are the stated structure, such as it is) tantalizes like the title of an Ezra Pound poem--an external prod just as, Weerasethakul suggests, all of our reactions to film are essentially personal and intrinsically separate from the film itself. That doesn't stop it from being oblique, however, as unconcerned with narrative sense as it is with texture. There's the thought in here that the past is Narcissus' pool, a reflection of the dark present: we never seem to learn from the past, but dip too long and it ossifies any illusion of progress.

Thai Censors Demand Cuts in Critically Acclaimed Film

23 April 2007

The decision by Thai director Apichatpong Weerasetthakul not to allow his critically praised Syndromes and a Century to be screened in Thailand after censors there demanded that four scenes be removed could lead to changes in the law that would replace the censorship board with a ratings system, published reports in Bangkok said today (Monday). Apichatpong said in a statement Sunday that the censorship board had refused to return the print of the film he had submitted and that it would make the cuts itself. As a result, the Thai Film Foundation, the Thai Film Directors Association and Bioscope magazine posted a petition online demanding "the complete overhaul" of the 1930 law that established the censorship board. The controversy arose as Apichatpong was touring the U.S. to promote his film, which David Ansen of Newsweek said "sent me out into the streets in a state of euphoria I couldn't properly explain." In a review posted on the Newsweek website Saturday, Ansen wrote: "For those seeking a palette cleanser after a steady diet of Hollywood 'product, ' it's as invigorating as a perfect sorbet." And A Century.avi And A Century.trailer.avi

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