Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Francesco Stefani - Das Singende, Klingende Bäumchen, AKA The Singing, Ringing Tree (1957)

A children's cult classic: The Princess rejects a Prince’s gift of pearls; a dwarf turns him into a bear.

The Princess is a fuller woman than we’re used to seeing in such roles in the West. As a punishment for brattishness, her blond curls become a straight green wig; she loses her lipstick and gets a pimple on her nose. To win back her former beauty she does good deeds for her kidnapper, the Prince-as-bear, and she is kind to the animals, including a monstrous plastic fish, in the grounds of a dwarf’s rock castle. The castle is reached by a stone arched bridge that gives out an electronic note when the bear steps upon it. In a famous sketch on BBC’s The Fast Show it played Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’. The Italian Francesco Stefani (whose other children’s film Zwerg Nase, 1952 plays regularly on the German satellite channels) keeps his camera square to the action (and painted backdrops) and starts the film with a long left-to-right tracking shot — the locale changing each time the camera passes a tree (runs out of set) — but somehow it all works. The film eats into your subconscious and kids love it. Charming music by Heinz-Friedel.

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