Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Helmut Käutner - Romanze in Moll AKA Romance in a Minor Key (1943)

Synopsis (translated from filmportal):
On a dull rainy afternoon, a man enters with a suitcase in hand, the loading of a pawnbroker. Under the randomly bundled contents of the suitcase that should serve to save the life of his beloved woman, there is also a precious string of pearls that the man saw often with his wife and considered previously to be fake. This chain becomes the traitor of a forbidden love, for it is the gift of that man that Madeleine really loves. To young composer Michael for the sake of Madeleine has led a double life which was discovered by the third man, the official superior of her husband. He blackmails the young woman, and Madeleine sees no more way out...

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