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Mario Monicelli - L'armata Brancaleone aka For love and for gold (1966)

Description: A group of rogues steal a scroll granting its bearer the property of the land of Aurocastro in Apulia (south of Italy). They elect a shaggy knight, Brancaleone from Norcia, as their leader, and decide to get possession of this supposedly wealthy land. Many adventures will occurr during the journey.
From imdb by Stefano Bartolozzi.

The term Armata Brancaleone is still used today in Italy to define a group of people which are badly assembled. It is in fact mentioned in several dictionaries of Italian language.
From Wikipedia.

Vittorio Gassman and Gian Maria Volontè star in Mario Monicelli's Italian comedy masterpiece which predates Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975), You will notice the similarty.
Highly recommended for classic Italian comedies and Monty Python fans.
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