Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Pere Portabella - Die Stille vor Bach AKA The Silence Before Bach (2007)

“The Silence before Bach” is an approach to music and the trades and subjects that surround it through Bach’s works.
A look at the profound dramaturgic relationship between image and music where the latter is not merely conceived as subsidiary to the image but as a subject of the narration in its own right. The film springs from a previously defined musical structure. The soundtrack feeds on works by J.S Bach and two of Felix Mendelssohn’s sonatas to create an architectural vault beneath which the story of the film unfolds ; a promenade through the XVIIIth, XIXth and XXIth centuries led by the hand of J.S. Bach.
This surrealist cinematic style is then juxtaposed by a sequence of skits, including a truck driver who plays a Bach tune on his harmonica, a butcher who sells a piece of meat wrapped in Bach's sheet music, and Bach (played by Christian Brembeck) teaching his son to play a piece of music he has written on the keyboard. These episodes pay tribute to the classical musician, while collectively suggesting that modern Europe owes much more to its classical music tradition than we might expect.

Language: Spanish | German | Catalan (Subtitles only in spanish)
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