Kamis, 25 November 2010

Akihiko Shiota - Gipusu AKA Gips (2001)

Well I have to admit, the title of Akihiko Shiota's entry in CineRocket's Love Cinema series did initially puzzle me, but all became clear with the opening shot of a girl with her leg in plaster hobbling up an apartment block staircase. Gipusu is the Japanese for a plaster cast, taken from the word gypsum, the soft white mineral from which Plaster of Paris is made. Yes, as its name suggests, the fifth film in the series of DV-shot features centred around the theme of "pure love" is a pretty rare piece indeed, but given some of the other films that accompanied it (Visitor Q and Tokyo Trash Baby / Tokyo Gomi Onna) perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. -- Jasper Sharp in Midnight Review

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