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Akio Jissoji - Uta aka Poem (1972)


The last one of Jissoji's early new wave trilogy, the other two are MUJOU (1970), MANDARA (1971). From ATG studio. I Can't find more info about this film, it's pity only few webs on net introduced this wonderful director, I think he should be remarked in the same status with any newwave icons like Imamura, Wakamatsu or Oshima. I can assure Poem is one of his best work, best cinematograph and soundtrack.


Akio Jissoji's importance for Japanese cinema can be compared to that of Christian directors like Carl Dreyer or Robert Bresson for European cinema. But whereas Dreyer and Bresson are luminaries on the cinematic firmament, the star of Akio Jissoji still shines in the hidden.

Jissoji, himself the descendant of an old Buddhist family, continued to tackle religious and philosophical topics in his films, among them Mandala (Mandara, 1971) and Poem (Uta, 1972), both produced by ATG and based on scripts by Jissoji's congenial partner Toshiro Ishido. Jissoji's concern with Buddhist thought can also be seen in his popular films. The Buddhist notion of salvation clearly reverberates in the Ultraman series, in which the supernatural hero from outer space rescues men from forces that want to destroy the earth.

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