Kamis, 25 November 2010

Béla Tarr - Macbeth (1982)

Description: Made for television, this version of Shakespeareâs Macbeth contains only two shots, of five and sixty-seven minutes respectively. For critic Jonathan Rosenbaum it marks a turning point in Tarrâs career: "Practically all the important action is staged in the foreground, with the camera following some characters and picking up others as it relentlessly tracks their movements and machinations through fog, torchlight, and dank, grottolike settings. ...this video reprises elements from Tarrâs first three features while anticipating the extended, choreographed camera movements and metaphysical demonology of his second three. (1982_II).orig.avi (1982_II).orig.idx (1982_II).orig.sub

909 mb
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