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Benjamin Heisenberg - Schlaefer aka Sleeper (2005)

Powerful themes of betrayal, friendship, ambition and trust are at the centre of Benjamin Heisenberg’s debut feature, which plays like the intriguing and unsettling calm before the storm. Set at Munich’s University of Technology, assistant professor Johannes Mehrveldt befriends Farid Atabay, a colleague of Algerian background who is working on the same project. What his pal does not know is that Johannes was approached by the German secret service to report on Farid, who they suspect is a sleeper terrorist. Initially, Johannes refuses, but the seed of doubt are sown. A delicate friendship unfolds which, overshadowed by competition at work and in love, eventually ends in betrayal.


Angers European First Filmfestival
2006 European Special Jury Award

First Steps Awards, Germany
2005 First Steps Award

Geneva Cinéma Tout Ecran
2006 Prix Cinéma Tout Ecran

Max Ophüls Festival
2006 Filmscore Award
Max Ophüls Award
Screenplay Award

Schwerin Art of Film Festival
2006 Flying Ox

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