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Buddy Giovinazzo - No Way Home (1996)

Pete Tha Geek! wrote:

Talk about a break! After the powerful début 'Combat Shock', director Buddy Giovinazzo was passive for about 10 years, before he finally did his second full length feature 'No Way Home'! Was it worth the waiting? The answer is hell yes! 'No Way Home' sports a higher budget and a cast of profilic actors, without that changing the uncompromising style of Giovinazzo. Tim Roth(Mr. Orange from 'Reservoir Dogs') have obviously thrown several pounds to play the leading role as Joey who is released from prison after six long years for homicide! Not that he really seems like a person who would kill anyone, but his time as a convict has done heavy damage to both his body and mind. Joey swear that he never will go back to the prison, but outside he doesn't have any places to go either, besides his childhood home where his brother Tommy(James Russo) stay with his wife Lorraine(Deborah Kara Unger). To make matters even worse is Tommy into some criminal business himself and he owe his ass to a local gang who aren't late to break all his fingers. It also becomes obvious that we haven't been told all about the past which create a nasty tension between the brothers. The structure of 'No Way Home' is not unlike 'Combat Shock', in two or three scenes it is possible to spot that Giovinazzo has recycled details from his previous movie, that is a minor thing though and 'No Way Home' is strong enough to stand alone. The acting is generally excellent and Roth, Russo and Unger does a great job to portray the atmosphere between their characters. Lorraine takes distance from Joey, who mostly speak with one sentence only and has stirring eyes, but they learn sympathy for each other as they get to know each other, and she discover that he is a direct opposite to his brother, who isn't a very nice guy after all! Once again do Giovinazzo show his talent for discovering useful details in the rundown neighborhood and downtown areas that makes the location for 'No Way Home' and creates an ultimate grimy and nihilist vibe. A gritty drama spiced up with bloodshed that easily press the limit! The violence seems exploitive but it never kick the story line out of balance and it is welcomed since it makes the final culmination far more bleak. 'No Way Home' is unpretentious, mature and realistic drama like it rarely is seen this day. Sometimes closer to David Lynch than Martin Scorsese or Abel Ferrara! Recommended! Way Home(1996)DVDRip.SlimySINema.CG.part1.rar Way Home(1996)DVDRip.SlimySINema.CG.part2.rar Way Home(1996)DVDRip.SlimySINema.CG.part1.rar Way Home(1996)DVDRip.SlimySINema.CG.part2.rar

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