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Christoph Hochhäusler - Milchwald aka In This Very Moment (2003)

Sylvia Mattis lives together with her husband Joseph and her 7 and 8 years old stepchildren Constantin and Lea in a settlement with new houses in a province in eastern Germany. Sylvia is completely swamped with the situation of being a housewife and mother. During a shopping tour to Poland she loses her nerves and tells the children to immediately leave the car somewhere in the Polish nowhere land and drives away.
When she wants to pick up the kids again, they've already disappeard. After a panic but desultory search for the children she drives back home in a worried but at the same time relieved mood. The kids are defiantly confident that they can make it without Sylvia and set out. It happens that they lose themselves in a fabulous landscape.

Milchwald transports the fairy-tale of "Hansel and Gretel" to our present time and does without any pathos. With naturalistic objectivity a fatal chain of happenings that have their genesis in the microcosm of the family are being cleared up. "The family is the germ cell of terror", says Christoph Hochhäusler about his interpolation of the Grimm's fairy. The talented junior director, born in 1972, studied at the high-school of television and film in Munich between 1996 and 2002. After the premiere, "Milchwald" was to be seen at several international film festivals as Christoph Hochhäusler's first full length movie.

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