Minggu, 28 November 2010

Czeslaw Petelski - Baza ludzi umarlych AKA The Depot of the Dead (1959)


In the rugged mountain gorges of southeastern Poland, a group of outcasts and desperadoes drive old, dilapidated trucks loaded with timber down the winding, wintry roads, with death awaiting them around every twist and turn.

The sudden appearance of a new boss —and his beautiful wife—becomes a deadly catalyst for violence in this dark, brutally realistic film. The Depot Of The Dead is based on a short story by Polish cult writer Marek Hlasko, who died tragically at age 35.

Veteran actors Tadeusz Lomnicki (Ashes and Diamonds), Emil Karewicz (Eroica, Canal) and Leon Niemczyck (Man on the Tracks, Vabank, Calls Controlled) offer gritty portrayals of wretched men in a desperate situation.

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