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Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub - Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach AKA The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (1968)

Plot Synopsis by Sandra Brennan

The widow of Bach reminisces in this biography. Her life with the great composer was not easy. He seldom spoke to her. When he did, it was only to read letters of complaint. Included are performances of Bach's works including the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, Prelude 6 from the "Little Clavier Book for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, Minuet 2 of the Suite in D Minor from the "Little Clavier Book for Anna Magdalena Bach, Sonata No. 2 in D Major for Viola and Harpsichord, Partita in E Minor from the "Little Clavier Book for Anna Magdalena Bach, Trio-sonata No. 2 in C Minor, Magnificat in D Major, "St. Matthew Passion, Prelude in B Minor for Organ, Mass in B Minor, Ascension Oratorio, Clavier-Uebung Italian Concerto, Goldberg Variations, Musical Offering, Art of the Fugue Corale for Organ, and Cantatas No. 205, 198, 244, 42, 215, 140, 82. Straub(1968)-Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach(Chronik der Anna Magdalena Bach)[93.DVD]{Ugo Pi.avi

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