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David Barison & Daniel Ross - The Ister (2004)

Description: The Ister' is a 3000 km journey to the heart of Europe, from the mouth of the Danube river (in Greek: Ister) at the Black Sea, to its source in the German Black Forest. The film isbased on the work of the philosopher Martin Heidegger. He wrote a book about Hölderlin's poem 'Der Ister' in which he connects the poem with some of the main motives of his thought.

The Ister takes up some of the most challenging paths in Heidegger's thought, as we journey from the mouth of the Danube river in Romania to its source in the Black Forest. Four thinkers who are heavily influenced by Heidegger conduct our voyage upstream along the Danube: the philosophers Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, Jean-Luc Nancy, Bernard Stiegler, and, finally, the filmmaker Hans-Jürgen Syberberg.

Winding through the shattered remains of the former Yugoslavia, through a Hungary
busily restoring its national mythology, and through a Germany that is both the heart of the new Europe and the ghost of the old one, the Danube itself is the question of the film.

By drawing the places and times of the river into a constellation with Heidegger's thought,the film invites the viewer to participate in some of the most provocative questions facing Europe and the world today -at least as seen from a Heideggerian point of view. These are questions of home and place, culture and memory, of technology and ecology, of politics and war.

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