Senin, 29 November 2010

Edward Buzzell - Keep Your Powder Dry (1945)

Loaded with lovely classic Lana WWII scenarios.

I wonder how many young women went off to join the W.A.C. thinking Sydney Guilaroff would be doing their hair and Irene (I) their uniform wardrobe.

We look at films like this as objects through which we can watch a moment in Hollywood time. Lana is simply delightful.

I watch a film like this just for a glimpse of wartime America through the eyes of jaded and spoiled Hollywood elites who are piping this 'dream' to a still highly naïve wartime America.

Watch for Mercury Theatre's -- also the character of Endora on Bewitched (1964)] -- Agnes Moorehead. I reckon that some would say that this glimpse of Moorehead is as fun as that of Lana Turner. Your Powder Dry (1945) Lana Turner (TV Rip).avi

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