Kamis, 25 November 2010

Joe May - Das indische Grabmal AKA The Indian Tomb 1 & II (1921)

The original Joe May-directed, Conrad Veidt-Starring, frumpy Mia May-containing, Fritz Lang/Harbou-written Das Indische Grabmal is an all-cylinders turning barrel of fun... full of exotic locales (or German- studio art-director's conception of exotic locales, which make them all the more unique), magic, intrigue, jealousy, spurned love, revenge... pure cinematic heaven. This film is pulp at its qualitative best, and the prints that David Shepard secured for this telecine are just wonderful, containing the original vibrant tints bursting forth from vintage nitrate prints.

Enjoy the fine mise en scene, the wonderully oily Conrad Veidt, the dashing Paul Richter (of Mabuse der Spieler fame), Lya dePutti, Olaf Fonss, a wonderfully sinister Bernhard Goetzke... I could go on. There's been no other release of this early 20's gem-- so... have fun!

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