Kamis, 18 November 2010

Julien Duvivier - Poil de carotte AKA The Red Head (1932)

Jules Renard's famous story of the unloved redheaded boy - ignored by his father, persecuted by his mother, and bullied by his brother and sister - seemed to have a special appeal for Duvivier.

He had filmed it once before, as a silent in 1925, and longed to remake it as a sound picture (he even had plans for a second remake). But where the silent version never strayed far from broad comedy and caricature, the sound version delves deeper into real emotion. It is funny, lyrical, passionate and, ultimately, heart-breaking.

Robert Lynen is a delight as little Poil, but the true centre of Duvivier's film is the moral development of the father, played by the unmatchable Harry Baur. It's one of the finest performances by one of the greatest actors. If you tell me you can watch the final scenes of this film without a lump in your throat, I won't believe it. de carotte.avi de

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