Selasa, 23 November 2010

Kira Muratova - Lyst do Ameryky AKA Letter To America (1999)

Description: The short is made in a typical Muratova style that merges surrealism and reality into a mesmerizing act full of understatement and metaphor.

Some trivia: this is nominally Muratova's first short. However, she herself considers it her fourth - she prefers to think of her Three Stories as three short films instead of a single feature.

The film was made with no budget whatsoever - all Muratova was given were the camera and the film stock. None of the actors were paid. The rumor has it that the film was shot in Muratova's own apartment. v Ameriku (1999).avi
or v Ameriku (1999).avi


Language: Russian (Italian hardsubs)
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