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Maurice Pialat - Les Courts Métrages Turcs AKA The Turkish Chronicles (1964)

Description: Before he turned to feature filmmaking in 1968 with Naked Childhood, Pialat worked on a series of short films, many of them financed by French television.

Pialat’s six short Turkish films from 1964 - Bosphore (13:29), Byzance (10:52), La corne d’or (12:17), Istanbul (12:48) Maître Galip (10:59) and Pehlivan (12:53) - poetic reflections on the history, character, traditions, buildings and the people of Istanbul, bustling and full of life. The films are sometimes rather random and impressionistic, but have an elegant and painterly quality in the cinematography of Willy Kurant.

Pehlivan: This is a short film about a wrestling competition. We see a lot of people in the crowd both men and women alike appreciating, applauding and cheering wrestlers who have come from all parts of Turkey. A lot of honor is at stake as no body wants to lose. For this reason there is a fierce competition. The wrestling matches are held with loud drums playing in the background. A couple of belly dancers also join when there is a break after a wrestling bout.

La Corne d'or: Corne D'Or juxtaposes a poem by Nerval with a powerful study of Ottoman architecture.

Maître Galip: Maitre Galip is another on Pialat's perceptive studies of children that includes a poem by Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet.

Istanbul: Istanbul takes into the crowded streets and back alleys of a fascinating city divided between continents.

Byzance: Byzance uses a text by Stefan Zweig to describe the Ottoman conquest of the city in 1453.


Language: French (no subs)
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