Jumat, 26 November 2010

Pablo Larrain - Fuga (2006)

Description: Pablo Larrain's sleek debut feature, screened at the Montreal World Film Festival earlier this fall, is "a musical opus of death and immortality. Prodigious Eliseo Montalbán (Benjamín Vicuña) composes a symphony based on the notes struck by the lifeless hand of his sister [when she] was murdered atop a piano. But when his female pianist dies during the work's first performance, Eliseo goes mad, destroys his score and retreats into obscurity. Years later, talentless musician Ricardo Coppa (Gastón Pauls) discovers the last remaining pages of Eliseo's symphony and seeks to make a name for himself by recreating it. What results is a cat–and–mouse game through the human psyche and the originality of creation"

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