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Rainer Werner Fassbinder - Angst essen Seele auf AKA Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974)

Ali (Salem), is a young Moroccan Gastarbeiter (guest worker) in his late thirties, and Emmi (Mira), a 60-year-old widowed cleaning woman. They meet when Emmi ducks inside a bar, driven by the rain and drawn by the exotic Arabic music. A woman in the bar (Katharina Herberg) suggests Ali ask Emmi to dance, and she accepts. A strange and unlikely friendship develops, then a romance and finally they decide to marry.

What follows is a bitter and noxious reaction over their relationship. Gossipy neighbors treat them with contempt, complaining their (already noticeably dilapidated) tenement building has now become filthy. Emmi is shunned by her coworkers, and Ali faces discrimination at every turn. Emmi tells her son-in-law Eugen and daughter Krista (Fassbinder himself and Irm Hermann) that she is in love with Ali; Eugen thinks she is screwy.

Awards :

Cannes Film Festival - 1974 - FIPRESCI Prize & Prize of the Ecumenical Jury - Competition: Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Cannes Film Festival - 1974 - Nominated Golden Palm - Rainer Werner Fassbinder
German Film Awards - 1974 - Film Award in Gold - Outstanding Individual Achievement: Actress(Brigitte Mira) ESSEN SEELE AUF [1974] Fassbinder[KG]Godfrey.avi ESSEN SEELE AUF [1974] Fassbinder[KG]Godfrey.idx ESSEN SEELE AUF [1974] Fassbinder[KG]Godfrey.rar

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