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Sang-ok Shin - Beongeoli Sam-ryong aka Deaf Sam-ryong (1964)

A good and deaf servant, Samryong faithfully serves Oh Saengwon and his family who have looked after him. One day, Sun-deok gets married for money to Gwang-shik, the son of Oh Saengwon. However, attracted by a maid Chu-weol, Gwang-shik treats Sun-deok badly. Feeling pity for Sun-deok who cries every night for her husband, Samryong secretly loves her. Samryong witnesses the love affair of Chu-weol and Gwang-shik, and informs Chu-weol's husband, which causes him to get kicked out of the house. That day a fire erupts at Oh's, and Samryong saves Sun-deok in the fire.
Critics praised the final scene of the film, in which the house burns, as a work of pioneering and experimental film making.

Awards: Grand Bell (Daejong) Award for Best Picture - 1965< Sam-ryong.avi
Subtitle English

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