Senin, 22 November 2010

Tatsumi Kumashiro - Onna jigoku: mori wa nureta aka Woods are wet (1973)

A young woman fleeing from the scene of a crime is "rescued" by an elegant woman and taken to her secluded house. There, she is subjected to a series of tortures and abuses by the woman, her husband, and several of their house guests. Director Tatsumi Kumashiro contrasts an elegant color palette of blues, pinks, and pastels with a ragged hand-held style of cinematography giving this period film an almost documentary quality. The scenes of rape, torture, and psychological abuse take up the middle third of the film, but there are several surprising plot twists along the way. As PAndr0id said in his excellent earlier posting of this movie, even fans of japanese pink eiga should be surprised by the viciousness and stylishness of this excellent example of early 70s Japanese sex cinema.
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