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Tay Garnett - Che gioia vivere AKA The Joy of Living (1961)

It was the second time Delon had teamed up with René Clément:their first collaboration produced a great thriller "purple noon" .The second attempt produced a would be comedy which is not funny at all.The plot deals with fascists in charge of finding the antifascist printing houses.It's repetitive ,ponderous and boring.Barbara Lass was then Roman Polanski's wife and they came to France together at the turning of the decade.Lass's moment of glory was short-lived but Polanski would direct a segment in "les plus belles escroqueries du monde" a couple of years later.


Alain Delon ... Ulysse Cecconato
Barbara Lass ... Franca Fossati
Gino Cervi ... Olinto Fossati
Rina Morelli ... Rosa Fossati
Carlo Pisacane ... Grandfather 'Fossati'
Paolo Stoppa ... Hairdresser
Giampiero Littera ... Turiddu
Didi Perego ... Isabella
Nanda Primavera
Ugo Tognazzi ... Anarchist
Aroldo Tieri
Luigi Giuliani
Stefano Valle
Jacques Stany (as Jacques Stanislawski) Quelle joie de vivre.avi
or Quelle joie de vivre.avi

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