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Thomas Carr - Fast on the Draw AKA Sudden Death (1950)

When Shamrock was young, the Cat killed his parents. Now grown, Shamrock gets appointed Marshal when he breaks up a robbery attempt by Tex and his men. Tex works for the Cat and when he and his men rob the Express Office, Shamrock takes out after them hoping to get not only the gang, but also the Cat.
For those that wish to be generous, this is a remake of 1935's Branded A Coward starring Johnny Mack Brown, and others just call it one of the six times, in this series of six films starring Jimmy Ellison and Russell Hayden, that Ron Ormond and Maurice Tombragel gave themselves an original writing credit with nary a nod of recognition to the writer of the original story, in this instance Richard Martisen. This has, as does the source film, the parents of Shamrock Ellison being killed by an outlaw gang led by The Cat, and the trauma of seeing the killings gives Shamrock a psychological hangup about using his six-shooters on men, although he grows up to be a champion rodeo rider and a crack shot otherwise. He fails to pass the test of the day when tested during a bandit holdup and is branded a coward and he and his pal Lucky leave town. But, on the way to whatever the next town is, he saves Ann from another holdup and wins her and the townspeople's gratitude. They make him the marshal, against his will, to pursue an outlaw gang that is terrorizing the territory. The gang is fronted by Tex but the real leader is a face from his haunted past. on the Draw (1950) (NR) (AKA Sudden Death).avi

OR on the Draw (1950) (NR) (AKA Sudden Death).part1.rar on the Draw (1950) (NR) (AKA Sudden Death).part2.rar

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