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Walter Salles & Daniela Thomas - Terra Estrangeira AKA Foreign Land (1996)


Walter Salles (CENTRAL STATION) and Daniela Thomas co-directed this crime drama about expatriate Brazilians who get mixed up in the Lisbon underworld. Paco (Pinto), a young Brazilian looking for a way to get to Spain, is offered a job as a courier to Lisbon by Igor, a black market dealer who assures him that when he gets to Lisbon he'll be given enough money to get there by his contact, Miguel. Meanwhile, Miguel's girlfriend, Alex, begins searching for a way back to her native Brazil, to no avail. Unfortunately, when Paco gets to Lisbon, Miguel is dead, the package he was supposed to deliver is stolen, and he finds himself on the run from his employers. Looking for anything to help him figure out what has happened, he runs into Alex, and both of them decide to try to get back to Brazil before they are caught by Igor and his gang.


Bergamo Film Meeting - Golden Rosa Camuna
Entrevues Film Festival - Grand Prix
Silver Daisy Awards, Brazil - Silver Daisy
São Paulo Association of Art Critics Awards - Best Screenplay

single link Estrangeira (1996).avi Estrangeira (1996) Estrangeira (1996) Estrangeira (1996) Estrangeira (1996)

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English, French, Spanish, Portuguese .srt subs
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