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Enchanted Island bears only the faintest traces of its source material, the Herman Melville novel, Typee. 19th century-whalers Abner Dana Andrews and Tom Don Dubbins jump ship, finding refuge on a tropical island inhabited by cannibals. When Tom disappears, Abner jumps to the logical conclusion and vows not to end up in the pot himself. Returning to his ship, Abner is drawn back to the island by Fayaway (a miscast Jane Powell), the tribal chief's daughter, with whom he has fallen in love. The film's "official" synopsis suggests that the story is unresolved at the end; in fact, the film comes to a satisfying if not altogether believable conclusion. Produced in Mexico by Benedict Bogeaus, Enchanted Island was to have been released by RKO Radio, but the collapse of that studio forced Bogeaus to distribute the film through Warner Bros. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

It seems that Dwan was not the Rousseauist he is sometimes mistaken for – it would certainly be hard to hang that label on Pearl of the South Pacific (1955), where the script's paean to Man in the state of Nature is constantly undercut by the garish artifice of John Alton's colours and Van Nest Polglase's sets. Just before the end Dwan turned that turkey on its head in Enchanted Island, which comes as close as anyone dared in 1958 to retelling Herman Melville's Typee: A refugee from civilisation living among Tahitian savages discovers that the savages have killed his best friend, that he is their prisoner, and that they are cannibals (only hinted at in the film). Made on location in Mexico – like his last film, The Most Dangerous Man Alive (1962), for which there was no money to build sets – Enchanted Island returned Dwan to the conditions in which he made his first two-reelers, which spawned an art where themes like Nature and Civilisation were less important than the plastic invention that playing variations on them made possible. Bill Krohn, The Cliff and the Flume, 2001 Allan - Enchanted Island (1956) [VO Sub FRA].avi
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