Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Ben Holmes - Too Many Wives (1937)

Too Many Wives stars Anne Shirley, John Morley, and Gene Lockhart in this 1937 film. While out walking dogs, soon-to-be unemployed Barry(Morley) meets the wealthy and pretty Betty(Shirley) and the two instantly like each other. Through mistakes, Barry and Betty like and dislike each other, so much, its hard to keep track. Betty's "friend" Clabby(Frank Melton) is annoyed by the budding romance between Betty and Barry, and he tries to split the two apart often. This is such a weak and poor film, it really saddens me that such talented people were in such a waste-less film. Anne is bubbly as usual, but the sweet personality couldn't save this film. I will say though, John Morley was pretty good and I wish I could see more of him, but sadly he died in 1949. He had only made 5 films, with four of them being uncredited.


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