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CANNES 2009 - 48e Selection de la Semaine de la Critique (2009)

Metropolis Cinema Association is pleased to welcome again the Critics' Week in its 48th edition.

Co-organized with the French Cultural Mission and in partnership with Beirut DC, this event will offer the Lebanese public, and for the 5th consecutive year, the pleasure to discover, avant-première in Beirut, 6 feature films, 8 shorts and a medium-length film, all selected at the latest Cannes Film Festival 2009.

Films of different natures and equally different genres, filmmakers that are asserting, each in his singular approach, their way to observe a world in constant ebullition.

A gentle French film with a Western touch (Farewell Gary), a day in the life of a family in the Southern Chilean countryside (Huacho), a strong and humanitarian gaze in a Lost Persons Area, a story worthy of the Cohen Brothers transposed into a South American Village (Bad Day to Go Fishing), a magnificent visual poem that emerges from the Iraqi Kurdistan (Whisper with the Wind), a fiction scattered on several continents, in a quest a re-enchantment of the world (Altiplano) and a reflection on the paradoxical state of violence carried by Vincent Gallo and dominated by the music of Anthony and the Johnsons (1989).

7 screenings, each preceded by a short film, to discover new young talents, because that's where the true mission of the Critics' Week lies.

- Together de Eicke Bettinga (14min30)
Allemagne, Royaume-Uni / Germany, United Kingdom – 2009 – 14’ – Couleur / Color – 35 mm
Rob is driving back home. It’s been a year since the death of his older brother. Upon Rob’s arrival it is clear that the family is still learning how to cope with their loss. The relationship between Rob and his father is awkward. There is a sense that the father blames Rob for moving on too fast, while Rob’s understanding of the reality, even a year later, is still distorted. Rob decides that in order to get through to his father he’ll have to “force” his affection onto him.
- Noche Adentro de Pablo Lamar (17min30)
Paraguay, Argentine / Paraguay, Argentina - 2009 – 17’ – Couleur / Color – 35mm
The newlyweds have already left the party where the guests are still dancing. The bride has bled to death and the groom carries the body. He drags her down the stairs and along a long corridor until they fall down. At the shore the groom gives her away to the river, floating in a boat.
- C'est gratuit pour les filles de Marie Amachoukeli et Claire Burger (22min)
France – 2009 – 23’ – Couleur / Color – 35 mm
In only a few days, Laetitia will have her hairdressing diploma. She and her best friend Yeliz will be able to realize their dream: open a hair salon together. But before taking her exam, Laetitia decides to go to a party.
- Tulum (La virée) de Dalibor Matanic (15min)
Croatie / Croatia – 2009 – 15’ – Couleur / Color – 35 mm
A girl is enjoying with her friends a careless summer day on the sunlit streets of Vukovar and quiet river-banks of Danube, where light-heartedness and leisure make everything seem nice and simple. They are not aware that the youthful idyll might be easily broken.
- Slitage (Seeds of the Fall) de Patrick Eklund (18min30)
Suède / Sweden – 2009 – 17’30’’ – Couleur / Color – 35 mm
Middle-aged couple Rolf and Eva live in a passionless relationship. They wear and tear at each other and Eva begins to feel sexually frustrated. One night she tries to seduce Rolf. He dismisses her but then something happens that will change their relationship forever.

Bonuses :
- Ahendu nde sapukai (Argentine - Paraguay - 11min - 110 Mb)
- 5 Directors Interviews (27min30 - 268 Mb)
French, English, Various (French, English idx/sub in file)
no pass

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