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Dennis Marks - FELA: Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense (1984)

Although Music is The Weapon is generally viewed as the definitive documentary on the life and music of Fela Kuti, Teacher don’t Teach Me Nonsense is a high quality documentary from 1985 (sic) that contains both an up close interview with the creator of Afrobeat and fragments of his legendary gig at the famous Glastonbury festival in the year 1984. This documentary is available as part of the first part of a Fela Kuti Anthology detailing his entire musical career. Two more installments will be released.
Fela seems calmer and less militant as in Music is The Weapon, but tells us interesting stories about his use of Pidgin (Broken English) for his lyrics, his spiritual awakening through contact with the Black Power movement in the US and the corruption in Africa he so vividly denounced. The film is about half music and half documentary. The documentary is interspersed with fragments from the gig beginning with Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense and then Confusion Break Bone (they were performed at the festival in opposite order). There is English subtitling translating Fela’s pidgin. So this DVD is at present our only chance to catch footage on DVD of this gig of Fela and his Egypt 80 at his/their prime. The only known footage of Fela performing percussion, which is still the heart of African music, is included.

As expected the BBC dug up some interesting old footage from their dusted shelves that includes speeches by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X that accompany Fela’s story. “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense” was shown by the BBC just after Fela’s famous prison sentence in 1984 and may have played a part in his release through influencing public opinion. - Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense.avi

OR - Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense.part1.rar - Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense.part2.rar

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