Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Frank Borzage - Street Angel (1928)

Angela (Gaynor), a poor Neapolitan girl desperate to acquire medication for her sick mother, comes into conflict with the police and finds refuge with a traveling circus. Under the big top, she meets Gino (Farrell), a painter who falls in love with her while the law closes in.

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader wrote:
Frank Borzage's 1928 follow-up to his Oscar-winning Seventh Heaven features the same stars and a similar broadly melodramatic plot. But this overlooked work is, if anything, more intense and more articulate in its treatment of the spiritual issues that Borzage always found in his love stories. A Christian transcendentalism informs every frame, as Borzage's lovers learn to rise above the sordidness of their surroundings.

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