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Guy Green - The Snorkel (1958)

The Snorkel is one of those low-key British suspensers that seemed to pop up every fifteen minutes on TV back in the sixties. Peter Van Eyck plays Jacques Duval, who devises a fiendishly clever method of murdering his wife. Doping her up with sleeping tablets, Duval places his wife in a sealed room, then opens all the gas jets. While the police identify the body, Duval remains hidden in the room, breathing through a snorkel, then makes his escape when the authorities leave. One one flaw in this perfect crime: Duval's stepdaughter (Mandy Miller) is the suspicious type. The villain manages to convince everyone that the girl is insane--a ploy that backfires when he is trapped by his own cleverness in the final reel. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


THE SNORKEL, 1958, Columbia (Sony), 74 min. Guy Green (A PATCH OF BLUE) directs this virtually unknown, but excellent, suspense thriller produced by Hammer Studios. After his wife’s apparent suicide, debonair, sinister Peter Van Eyck (THE WAGES OF FEAR) tries to pull the wool over the eyes of his returning-from-school, teen stepdaughter (Mandy Miller). When his subterfuge fails, Miller suddenly finds herself slotted for the same fate as Mom. Betta St. John (HORROR HOTEL) is lovely and appropriately protective as Miller’s unsuspecting governess. Once again, the plot hinges on the mystery of a locked room and the seeming impossibility of entry from outside. Hint – it has something to do with the title device! NOT ON VIDEO!

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