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Ivan Kral & Amos Poe - The Blank Generation (1976)


NEW YORK CITY. THE MID 70s. Music and its creative intentions were changing in a way that revolutionized the industry. Underground clubs, particularly CBGBs, played host to a dynamic range of sounds, but one thing remained constant: originality. Blank Generation is the documentation of the moment in musical history when diversity blossomed and bold became beautiful.

This proto-punk anthology features The Ramones, Television, The Heartbreakers, Talking Heads, The Patti Smith Group, Blondie and several other acts of the time. Witness the incredibly real-performances of the bands, plus their backstage footage, photo shoots, and hanging out.


An invaluable document of a long-lost era, The Blank Generation "sets the style for the Punk Documentary—raw, sloppily spliced, unsynched footage of bands, with sound recorded by cassette. The effect is total disorientation and CBGBs performances by Talking Heads ("Psycho Killer"), Blondie ("He left Me"), Ramones ("Shock Treatment", "1-2-3-4, Let's Go") Tuff Darts and many of the other New York bands fill up this frantic, crowd-pleasing film.

— Creem Magazine


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