Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Jean-Pierre Melville - Leon Morin, pretre aka The Forgiven Sinner (1961)

How many other directors could handle with great deftness the innuendoes of this potentially, sexually explosive relationship between an attractive and problematic widow with a young daughter (Emmanuelle) and a handsome 26-year-old priest (Belmondo), during the German Occupation of a small French town?

Melville establishes his exquisite control of the subject matter by allowing the story to unfold in such a perfect manner. I suspect, not many directors have that kind of grace and understanding of life... Melville's sense of how to tell a story has influenced many directors through his long career starting in the late 40s, and that list would include the great director, Bresson, who developed the same style and feel for filmmaking as Melville, who at times outdoes Melville's Melville, giving some the false impression that Melville imitated Bresson.


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