Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Jesus Franco - Die Säge des Todes AKA Bloody Moon (1981)

Originally banned in England due to its potent combination of graphic violence, gratuitous nudity, and outrageous gore, Jess Franco's gruesome "body count" frightener doesn't stop delivering the nasty thrills until the final credits have rolled. Vanessa star Olivia Pascal headlines this stylish tale of slaughtered schoolgirls featuring all the incest, voyeurism, and roller disco that a fan of such depraved fare could possibly hope for.

-- Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Single Link Moon 1981 uncut.divx

or Moon 1981 uncut.part01.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part02.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part03.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part04.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part05.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part06.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part07.rar Moon 1981 uncut.part08.rar

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