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Manoel de Oliveira - Aniki Bóbó [+Extras] (1942)

"Film4" wrote:
One of the earliest features by Portugal's most renowned director, it was also one of De Oliveira's best-known works for many years. Using the actual children of the area, the film follows the adventures of street urchins growing up in the slums of Oporto and on the banks of the river. Much simpler in style and more approachable than many of De Oliveira's later films, it has excellent location photography and natural performances from the kids. Coincidentally it was made in the same year as Vittorio de Sica made his first Italian neo-realist film, The Children Are Watching Us.

Extras (unsubbed)

- Short documentary Douro, Faina Fluvial
- 3 versions:
- Silent (1930)
- With music by Luíz de Freitas Branco (1934)
- With music by Emanuel Nunes (1994)
- Introduction by José Manuel Costa
- Video Commentary by José Manuel Costaóbó_(Manoel_de_Oliveira,_1942).rar
included: English, French (sub/idx) (extras unsubbed)
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