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Marco Ferreri - Il Seme dell'uomo aka The seed of man (1969)

Radio times review
Director Marco Ferreri, dubbed “The Italian Master of Bad Taste” by critics for such shocking male fantasies as La Grande Bouffe and L'Ultima Donna, brilliantly adapted his coolly sardonic gender-specific observations to the sci-fi genre in this outstanding work. After global warfare, plagues and catastrophes have virtually wiped out mankind, Ciro (Marco Margine) and Dora (Anne Wiazemsky, then married to Jean-Luc Godard) survive together on a deserted beach. But the post-nuclear Adam and Eve can't agree on having kids; he wants a son but she doesn't want to repopulate the self-destructive planet. A maternally willing woman (Annie Giradot) enters the equation, has sex with Ciro, but only to find herself chopped up and served as dinner by the territorial Dora.

Ferreri's engrossing fable, heightend by stunningly surreal art direction and sunny photography, ends suitably bleakly. Politically, morally and allegorically incorrect à la Ferreri, this poignant evocation of masculinity's last stand in the face of encroaching feminism is a provocative and compelling sexual apocalypse
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