Jumat, 17 Desember 2010

Maria Beatty - The Black Glove / The Elegant Spanking (1995 - 1997)

"every stroke sends me into a raging storm of desire"

This is probably the best BDSM erotica shorts you're ever going to watch. Maria Beatty shoots in beautiful black and white and with an extremely rare goal in the field of pornography: art. Although the films are completely explicit, and sometimes disturbing for those not into S/M, these are not works aimed solely for masturbation or the likes. The Elegant Spanking (1995) and The Black Glove (1997) are beautiful, somber, sometimes eery but always tasteful. Wonderful dark-toned soundtrack accompanies wonderful takes of foot fetishism, spanking, bondage, cross dressing, watersports, and even genital torture. Artful Hardcore

Fetish and Erotica films by the (prize winning) renowned filmmaker, Maria Beatty. Her movies reveal the previously hard-to-find fantasies of bondage, spanking, tickling, sensual teasing, and more...the most intimate acts of submission! fetishwear, boot worship, medical play are all dramatically explored. Unlike other films of this kind, Maria Beatty's films are produced and directed by someone with an insider's (perspective) understanding. Maria is a legend in the S/M field (as a performance artist and) a lifestyle submissive for many years. Not only an astute observer of the cultural aspects of the fetish world.
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