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Maurice Dugowson - Lily, Aime-Moi aka Lily, Love Me (1975)

Director: Maurice Dugowson
Script: Maurice Dugowson, Michel Vianey
Photo: André Diot
Music: Edgardo Canton
Cast: Jean-Michel Folon (François), Patrick Dewaere (Gaston, dit Johnny Cash), Rufus (Claude), Zouzou (Lily), Juliette Gréco (Flo), Jean-Pierre Bisson (Flo's brother), Roger Blin (Lily's father), Roland Dubillard (Intellectual at Flo's), Pauline Godefroy (Une invitée chez Flo), Anne Jousset (Hitchhiker), Tatiana Moukhine (Lily's mother), Maurice Vallier (François' coworker), Andréas Voutsinas (Bearded man at Flo's), Henry Jaglom (A guest at Flo's), Bernard Freyd, Miou-Miou (The girl in the coffee-shop)
Country: France
Language: French
Runtime: 100 min
Aka: Lily, Love Me

the allmovie clerk wrote :

"Sometimes the story that a journalist is assigned lands him with a boring tale. That's what Francois (Jean-Michel Folon) believes when he is given the job of writing about a "worker"'s life. When he meets the man, he discovers that the man's wife has just left him and moved back to her mother's. The newsman and a friend of his take the poor man out on the town to comfort him..." Aime-Moi (de Maurice Dugowson avec Dewaere,Rufus,Folon) 1975.avi


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