Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Michal Bat-Adam - Maya (2010)

Renowned Israeli actress and director Michal Bat-Adam's latest release features a play within a movie. When a young actress wins the lead role in a new play by a well-known director, she wrestles with his suggestion that she spend time at a local mental hospital to understand her role as a traumatized young woman. Simultaneously, she thinks about accepting the director’s advances. Maya's deepened knowledge of her character changes herself, the play, and the power play between actress and director. (2010).avi

Or (2010).part1.rar (2010).part2.rar (2010).part3.rar (2010).part4.rar (2010).part5.rar (2010).part6.rar (2010).part7.rar (2010).part8.rar

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