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Pantelis Voulgaris - Petrina hronia AKA Stone Years (1985)

The true story of a young couple (Babis and Eleni) fighting for love and freedom. An odyssey in and out of prisons during the dark period between the Greek civil war until the end of dictatorship in 1974. In 1954 Eleni goes to Athens to study medicine. When political oppression increases, Babis is imprisoned for political activity. To avoid the same fate Eleni hides for ten years. In 1966 Babis is released and they enjoy their love for a few days. She gets pregnant. Then she is arrested and gives birth to her child in prison. In 1967 the military junta overthrows the government and Babis is imprisoned again. They are released after the fall of the junta in 1974. They realise that in all those years they had spent only 70 hours together.

The narration is honest without superficial emotionalism and focuses on the dignity of the characters against the stormy political history.

If not for anything else, it's worth to see this movie for it's beautiful soundtrack alone, by composer Stamatis Spanoudakis, performed by the unique clarinetist Vassilis Saleas

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