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Peter Collinson - Up the Junction (1968)

IMDb review:

Unjust fate for a small but very appealing movie

Though justifiably not considered a particularly important British film of the late sixties, "Up The Junction" has much genuine charm and remains a film for which I have a lot of affection.

Written by Nell Dunn, who specialized in portraying working class life, the characters are well drawn and brought to life with much conviction by a fine cast, some of whom have lasted and some who somehow faded away.

Whereas leading man Dennis Waterman went on to a long career in both television and on the stage, the lovely Suzy Kendall, who seemed to be headed towards becoming the next Julie Christie, proceeded to an undistinguished career. There's a touching chemistry between the pair.

Likewise the strong supporting players have had varied careers. The pairing of Maureen Lipman and Andrienne Posta was so successful in this film, that there was talk of them becoming a comedy team. Like Waterman, Lipman has been a regular on television and the stage, while Posta simply vanished.

"Up the Junction" too has vanished into obscurity, without even a video release. It's odd that while other far lesser British movies of the same period have been kept alive, this small but very appealing work should suffer such a fate. the Junction (1968).avi

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