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Peter Solan - Kým sa skoncí táto noc aka Before This Night Is Over (1966)

A film examining the feelings of different people spending the night in a fancy night club. It is a story of two young administrative workers saving their money throughout the year to spend a few carefree days; two plumbers seeking erotic pleasure; a construction-site manager embezzling the wages of all his team; an unacknowledged inventor and a former major of the British Army who becomes alcohol-addict due to the political oppression of the post-war period.

Peter Solan made Before This Night Is Over in colaboration with scriptwriter Tobor Vichta with whom he already made two movies Boxer a smrt (1962) and Tvar v okne (1963). Kym sa skonci tato noc was made as an experimental movie - no dialogues were written just a general outlines of the story. The actors were encoraged to improvise on most of the speaking parts. Most of the takes were filmed from diferent angles at the same time and voices and noises were recored on the spot.

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