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Philip Kaufman - The Wanderers (1979)

synopsis - AMG:
The year 1979 saw a positive epidemic of street-gang films. The best of these, The Wanderers, is also the most believeable. Set in the Bronx in 1963, the film concerns a gang of Italian-American teens, aptly named The Wanderers, and their ongoing power struggle with the rival "Fordham Baldies". Richard Price, upon whose novel this film was based, drew from his own experiences to weave his tale. Essentially a series of anecdotes-some tension-filled, some amusing--The Wanderers comes to climax on the occasion of the JFK assassination, which for Price and hundreds and thousands of his aimless contemporaries served as a wake-up call. Viewed from the vantage point of the 1990s, one would wish that the current street gangs be shocked into adulthood with such suddenness (though not through the same tragic means). Ken Wahl, Karen Allen and Linda Manz are among the standout performers in this richly detailed period piece. -- Hal Erickson

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