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Philippe Puicouyoul - La brune et moi (1980)

A cult film !

In 2005, rock 'n' roll movie archeologists Rockenscope uncovered « La Brune et moi », the only film about the world of French Punk rock, a world even most Frenchies don't know about!
La Brune played for a week in a small theater in the left bank (Beaubourg) in 1980 and vanished. The Cinematheque Francaise has a copy of the film but the negative and original master audio are all gone.

Considered by many who lived through it to be the high point of rock 'n' roll in France, the years 1977 - 1982 saw a burst of creative angst in Gallic music. Bands like Métal Urbain, The Dogs, Bijou, Asphalt Jungle and Ici Paris heard the noise going on in England and quickly echoed back. Unlike in the sixties where France was a good 5 years behind the U.S.A. these musicians were concurrent with The Dead Kennedy's, X and The Germs.

… in 1979 Philipe Puicouyoul 'borrowed' the camera gear from the production he was working on during the day to film a punk rock love story at night. La brune et moi - a play on the French title for the American 50s rock 'n' roll film The Girl Can't Help (La blonde et moi) - was shot in one week and a Saturday. Like it's American counterpart, the story is a thin prop for the rockin' performances.

The film stars scenester Anoushka and actor Pierre Clementi (The Conformist, Belle de jour) and features the following bands on the soundtrack:

Ici Paris
Edith Nylon
The Questions (really known as Les Lous)
The Party
Marquis de Sade
Go-Go Pigalles
Taxi Girl
Les Prives

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