Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Reha Erdem - A ay (1988)

Plot Summary From Imdb

Yekta, 11-year-old, is born and still lives in a mysterious, castle-like house, at the shore of the Bosphorus, together with her lame seagull, her aunt, Nukhet Seza, a spinster, and her grandfather, Sirri, paralyzed and bedridden, following the death of his son and bride. The bedroom of her mother is the place where Yekta takes shelter in, to daydream and hide her secrets. All she knows about her mother that she had left one day in a little boat on the Bosphorus ant that she would never return...

Single Link ay (1988).avi ay (1988) ay (1988)
Language: Turkish | English (English - French .srt subs)
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