Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Renos Haralambidis - Ftina Tsigara aka Cheap Smokes (2000)

Nikos is expecting for something to happen wandering around in the heart of the city. During his wandering he meets Sophia, a beautiful girl who just had an argument with her boyfriend. He persuades her to spend the night with him walking around the empty city.
* The longing of a high school romance drives a small time crook into a rave at the world, while the two novice mobsters after him, in their effort to look dangerous oppress their artistic inclinations, ending up in ridicule.
* A cafe shop, whose owner loves to recite poetry, plays host to a couple of unrepentant 50-year-old adolescents in search of the infallible method of scoring women. Philosophical conversations over a cup of coffee, while on the next table the 11-year-old affair of an everyday couple finds itself challenged by the presence of a body-builder.

A movie based on a mosaic of characters and places. Stories and characters change with the speed of images on a slot machine but with the patience of players in a poker game, revealing them selves gradually. The characters speak too much, enrage a lot and love even more. But it is this short lived fire works that shine brighter. Love, adventure, personal growth clash sometimes violently sometimes smoothly on the road of this controversial and always restless hero. Tsigara (Cheap Smokes).avi

Or Tsigara (Cheap Smokes).part1.rar Tsigara (Cheap Smokes).part2.rar Tsigara (Cheap Smokes).part3.rar Tsigara (Cheap Smokes).part4.rar

Subtitle Tsigara (Cheap Smokes).srt

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