Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

Robert Douglas - The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Behind the Locked Door (1964)

Dave Snowden (James MacArthur) elopes with wealthy Bonnie Daniels (Lynn Loring), and they break into the abandoned old estate where Bonnie grew up. As they wonder what is behind a locked door on the upper floor, they stumble upon Bonnie's mother, Mrs. Daniels (Gloria Swanson). Mrs. Daniels always protected Bonnie--who was sickly and plain in her childhood--against gold-digging suitors. She annuls the marriage, because Bonnie's true age is only 17. A month later, when Bonnie reaches majority, she rejoins Dave, and they consummate nuptials, but Mrs. Daniels snubs them, and will not release Bonnie's trust fund until she is 25. Hitchcock - Behind the Locked Door.avi


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