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Zoltan Korda - The Four Feathers (1939)

A British army officer is forced to redeem himself after being branded a coward by his Army buddies and the woman he loves. Improbably, he decides to go off to the war in the Sudan to rescue his fallen comrades. That is the gist of this story--but it makes a powerful, absorbing British film in excellent early Technicolor.

June Duprez is the scornful woman, pretty as a picture in the only feminine role. Unknown British actor John Clements is fine as the man who receives the "four feathers" and must redeem himself--but Ralph Richardson has the most memorable scenes as the sunstruck soldier who loses his helmet under the blazing sun. Many gripping scenes as the hero undertakes a long journey to the Sudan.

Handsome Alexander Korda production rightfully deserves its ranking as a screen classic of 1939. Four Feathers.cd1.avi Four Feathers.cd2.avi

Or Four Feathers.cd1.part1.rar Four Feathers.cd1.part2.rar Four Feathers.cd1.part3.rar Four Feathers.cd1.part4.rar Four Feathers.cd2.part1.rar Four Feathers.cd2.part2.rar Four Feathers.cd2.part3.rar Four Feathers.cd2.part4.rar

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